Remedies for stomache bug?

Q:I woke up today with what is probally a 24 hour bug. Unfortantly so did my son and I have no one to help me watch him today. So I was wondering if there are any natural things to take/do to help with my stomache pain so I can focus enough to take care of my son. Also: I dont have a car and am too sick to walk to a store for medicene.
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Hot tea and honey can help settle your stomach a little; it can help take the edge off. Plain chicken broth or chicken soup with little stock helps too. Drinking plenty of water can help flush it out of your system a little faster too. Unfortunately, there’s not much else that can be done with a stomach bug other than let it go its natural course. I grew up in a poor situation; my parents with 4 kids and my father was the only one working, and one of my brothers was born with a rare kidney disease. We had no choice but to do home remedies most of the time…
Time is really the only thing that will make you feel better. Stay hydrated by drinking Gatorade or Power-Aid, if available. If you have to vomit, then try 7-Up, Sprite or Ginger Ale to cut the taste out of your mouth. Avoid drinking dark liquids like tea and colas…they will only aggravate an already shaky stomach. Sleep when you can. When you’re ready to try eating, begin carefully…chicken soup and crackers usually are safe bets. Best of luck. Yogurt is very soothing to the stomach.
Gingerale, a OTC drug calle dramamine, If you can keep food down try the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce and weak tea. If not stick with the gingeral and maybe a litte dry toast.Hope you both feel better!!
I am right, and everybody elese is wrong.Heres how to do it,On an empy stomach,Take a large glass (12-18oz )Fill it with body Temp, luke warm water.Mix in a heaping spoon of salt.Chug It all down.It will feel (really)nasty for a few minutes.In about a half hour-an hour you will need to use the bathroom QUICK. Your dig. system will not absorb this salty solution and it will flush you out.(Its like diarhea, but all at once)This clears the bowels and the salt kills the bacteria.Afterwards, take some probiotics(yogurt etc..) to replenish your healthy intestinal flora.
There is a very effective way to help you.Drink coke. That will help you calm down your stomach. But the coke must be fresh. After that you should drink hot tea, best chamomile tea or peppermint tea. Both will help your stomach. Don’t eat anything that is fatty. Instead of that you should eat zwieback/rusk or something dry.
baking soda helps or just wait for 24 hours
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