do you know the healing power of charcoal?

Q:i’ve been told by my dad that charcoal is a best local medicine for many diseases tell me more you somebody out there
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Above answers are correct, but failed to address one thing: the misconception in your question that charcoal “heals diseases”.IT DOES NOT HEAL DISEASES. As noted, it works well for removing poisons from the gi tract. That’s about the extent of it. Very few diseases will be affected in the least by charcoal.
Activated Charcoal —————— Activated charcoal is reknowned for its ability to adsorb toxins in the GI Tract. It is sometimes used a poison centers for this ability. Here is how it works. i. The charcoal adsorbs unabsorbed poison still present in the gut. ii. The charcoal adsorbs chemicals that are secreted in bile, thereby preventing their enterohepatic recirculation. iii. The charcoal binds any drug that diffuses from the circulation into the gut lumen. v v (NOTE: Adsorbtion is *not* the same as absorption. Adsorption is the process by which a solid attracts and concentrates upon its surface, in a thin layer, molecules of a gas, liquid or dissolved substance by adhesion.) You can purchase activated charcoal from your local natural food store. Charcoal can be use orally for the absorption of ingested toxic substances, but little else. The good part is that it can’t hurt you. It cannot be digested, therefor will pass right through your body.
nope… but i wouldn’t mind know… sounds intriguing…
The charcoal that your dad meant would be easily available at pharmacy as over the counter drug. In another words, there is no need for the pharmacist or doctor prescription to obtain this drug. It is activated charcoal and commercially available.Activated charcoal is actually an adsorbent. Usually, it is indicated for diarhoea, food poisoning(very commonly used). Reason being charcoal as an adsorbent is able to adsorb the toxic that caused diarhea or food poisoning.Furthermore, it is not absorb in the body thus not much of side effectss
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