Do oily vitamins cause weight gain?

Q:Does anyone know if oily vitamins cause weight gain? I take Vitamin E, Omega 3, Essential Fatty Acid Mix & Evening Primrose & I wonder if I’m absorbing all that oil? Can anyone help?
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vitamin e is wheat germ can research the calories on that.
I eat those oily kinds and I don’t feel like my weight is gaining so… my answer is no.
While all vitamins a good to take, you need to that them when the time is right. Some vitamins you take everyday and some only a couple times a week if not less. You are absorbing what your body needs. Here is the break down of each vitamin.1. Vitamin E – while it is good for your body, do not take everyday. It is consider a fat-soluble which stay in your liver and is released when needed. Check out this site for vitamin E. 2. Omega 3 – Try eating fish or tofu Essential Fatty Acid Mix – If you use the mix you do not need to that omega 3. Use only the mix. It contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 which is primrose.4. Evening Primrose – Is a rich source of Omega 6. look at the labels, cause even with vitamins to much is not good. In my opinion, take Vitamin E 2-3 days a week and take just the mix 4-5 days a week to be on the safe side. I don’t belive that you are absorbing to much oil, and overdoing vitamins can cause you to get sick and have health problems, even weight gain.
Evening Primrose Oil can actually help with weight control, by stimulating fat tissue to burn up calories. I believe that Omega 3 has much the same effect. They actually help everything to run smoother, including your digestive system.
No but you can overdose on oily vitamins such as E and A. You are ok with the others. Dont take a super high dose and maybe lay off one day a week.
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