has anyone tried magnetic therapy?

Q:has anyone tried magnetic therapy?
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I have really given it a try, had a mattress, comforter, pillow and a necklace that I used .all magnetic, to no avail. It may work for some, but I wondered if maybe pschological?I drink mangosteen juice and am off all pain meds! Not all Mangosteen juices are created the same tho..do your home work. Good Luck! Yes, and it works but, magnets are not the answer to all problems. I have been working with them and other modalities for 4 years now and have seen great results. You need to be a little more specific with problem though. You can email me directly for more info.
No, but I can understand the attraction. Yes I have, I really think it works, I had a sore wrist from working doing the same thing all the time. I got a magnetic wrist band and after a couple of weeks I took it off because it didn’t seem to work. I haven’t had a pain since.
yes, its cool.read more:http://www.askaquery.com/Answers/qn360.html MAGNETIC therapy has just been proven effective on certain types of migraine headaches. So , there is hope ! Source(s):msn news.com
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