Anybody else have a problem with doctors in general?

Q:I’m having a problem with far too many doctors just throwing drugs at symptoms as opposed to finding an actual cure for the disease. Seems many people could be cured without drugs if they just took care of themselves. My doc is one of the few who will avoid drugs until absolutely necessary. I’ve found that good health and prevention is far more effective than drugs. Antibiotics is a great example of something that is over prescribed.
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I completely agree with you. Did you know that 900,000 people died last year due to prescription and non-prescription drugs? And that Vioxx, drug that medical industry said was safe and effective, ended up killing more than 150,000 people. Doctors in hospitals only try to address the symptoms and not the cause. I know when I was admitted in the hospital for kidney infection, these doctors gave me plenty of antibiotics and drugs and as a result, I am still suffering from all the side-effects. I believe that alternative-medicine is the way to go. It focuses on cleansing the body and providing inner environement where cancer cells can’t thrive. It address the cause of disease. Go to www. and find out more about Kevin Trudeau and his book. That book has changed my entire family’s health drastically. Yes. Since my mom is a doctor and my father too.
i don’t trust them take a pill for this pill. I am with you there but we need them and so we have to put up with their influences from the pharmaceutical industry. When push comes to shove we need medication at times. But I try to avoid it as much as I can. More people take ant depressents in the US than anywhere else because of your point but you can actually but antibiotics yourself in some countries! Imagine how that works out.
I just simply cant afford them especially when they are only guessing with our health anyway. they give you pills for this and after u done with them they try something else. $10,000. later and you may or may not be feeling better Thats western medicine for you, treat the symptom not the cause. You need Eastern medicine to treat the cause, not the symptom.
Doctors are fallible just like anyone. They make mistakes like anyone. They are, however, the only ones who have any clue how to treat disease and they are our best bet when we get sick or injured.The ‘natural cures’ people automatically assume that because doctors are fallible that doctors are bad, and move into this false dichotomy: Doctors bad ergo NonDoctors Good. The Kevin Trudeau crowd are the most frightening because they suggest you forgo medical treatment altogether. The reasons behind any claim make by the “Natural Cures” book are totally, and demonstrably FALSE. It is ironic that the same people who think that “BIG PHARMA” are all out for money and therefore bad would somehow think Kevin Trudeau’s motivations pure. Why doesn’t he just give the book away or publish it on the internet free for viewing? No matter what his motives the one thing that remains clear is that NONE of his claims can be proven true.Yes, good health is excellent prevention, but it does not guarantee that the body will not break down or get sick. When that happens we need people who know what they’re doing to help us out. Doctors and scientists are the only thing keeping us from bloodletting and faith healers. It is because of science that we live twice as long as we used to before evidence based medicine.SC: hawking Trudeau’s book is a greater evil than you can ever imagine. Next time you get deathly ill (bacteremia, tetanus), please feel free to put his ‘cures’ to the test. Source(s): Contact me @ internationalhealers.orgI agree with you fullyVaya con DIOSChris
Yes. i agree with you a 101 % !
i totally agree.and most the doctors i have have mis-diagnosed like hmmmm 20 times.ive had pains in my stomach and lower abdomen since i was 11 (im now comin up to 19) and ive had doctors give me the wrong diagnosis and pills. they thought i had irritable bowel syndrome, then my hormone levels were wrong, then i hadn’t started my period, then i had started my period and it had to they dont know what it is. they know i have a cyst on my ovarie but thats nothing to worry about. and still they faff about while my education is put into suffering not to mention my physical pain that is driving me into depression.and what do they do. nothing..
I just have a problem with hospital doctors, they really don’t have a clue what they are doing, my arm was broke and they told me it was all in my head! Seriously, the x-ray showed the crack!My doctor doesn’t like prescribing pills unless absolutely necessary, and I’ve only ever had antibiotics twice in my life.So unless the doctor is a complete moron like the ones in the hospital, I don’t have a problem with them 😛
While I think you have a point, the public has to assume some responsibility here too. We are too lazy as a society to assume responsibility for our own actions, we just want a magic pill to make any problems go away. Then we can go back to our old bad habits that we enjoy. After all, we don’t want to be “inconvenienced.”Doctors are just responding to what the public wants. Source(s):Wellness counselor for many years
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