Orthopedic treatment cost in india?

Q:Orthopedic treatment cost in india?
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Very high
See the little “India” flag at the bottom of the screen? Click on it and you will find yourself in a world full of people who actually know and care about things in India. As it is, you are not in that place.
It depends at which place you are getting the treatment.U can get best Ortho treatment at most reasonable cost from Dr Manvendra Sharma who is one of the best Orthopaedician of India.He has 2 Hospitals named Jai Hospital on Byepass Road in Agra and another Lifeline Hospital at Sikandara UPSIDC Industrial Area in Agra.Mobile No. 09897048048Email [email protected]
Cheap and bestCall me i give u good suggestion bcas it depends on type of [email protected]
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