What is LimuPro and how does it improve health?

Q:What is LimuPro and how does it improve health?
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It seems that when I did a web search on this product every website is the same but with a different persons pictures on it who was selling the product. It appears to be a to be a multi-level marketing product and the websites really don’t give you much information unless you take their 15 min. tour and to see the tour you have to give all of your personal information. This to me is a red flag warning – give your information and you get someone calling you trying to force their product down your throat.The only way I could find out about the claims of this product is by doing a websearch on limupro ficoidan. It comes from a brown seaweed that is rich in nutrients and claims to detoxify the body, inhibit growth of tumor cells, lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar, an anti-cancer substance, aids in digestion and elimination, increases energy, strengthens the immune system, hair and nails. All in all it is probably very safe to take, being that it is only brown seaweed. I would just watch out for the multi-level marketing and their sale pitches. I hope this helped you some. Research all that you can before buying and make sure that it has a money back guarantee! Good Luck!
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