reshaping bones?

Q:i’m fifteen year old boy.I have chest wall deformity,i’m 5feet9inchesand my left side rib is malformed(left only,my left body side from the hips to the arm pit is more like a K compared to the right side of my body which is normally structured) and my left shoulder blade is higher than the rigth side one(it has grown to its full length but it is higher or pulled upwards than the right side one which is normally structured).I’ve gone to a doctor but he said that there was nothing to do about it.I’m sure that there must surely be anykind of treatment in this modern world to cure my deformity.I don’t know who to ask the question so any answer from anyone will be very helpful.
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You might want to get a treatment called “Craniosacral” therapy.Depending on where you live ther’es the Upledger Institute in West Palm Beach , FL that offers it.I’ve seen and heard of miraculous healings from this advanced massage technique. It’s nothing like a traditional massage and works on the nervous system to allow it to heal itself. I’m totally not explaining it very well. lol but if you do a google search on it you’ll see what I’m talking about.You’d have to get a series of treatments over a period of time to see results. Good luck.My motto is to never give up until you’re you’re absolutely sure that you’ve tried everything out there!Upledger Institute helps people from all over the world and can reccomend one a student that might live in your area.
I love men with concave chests. What are you talking about? Things like this are hot! (I am not even remotely kidding, either.)If you are getting a tough time from women, then they are the wrong type of women. Seriously, some of us get off on things like this. Personally, amputees drive me nuts and scars, oh I love surgery scars. Please, for the sake of girls like me, do not fixate on your “problem” because that would be a turnoff. Be confident with yourself, and let the love come in.
See an orthopedist. They’re the guys who do bone repair/reconstruction work and they’ll be glad to see you. You might also speak to a plastic surgeon about this, but few will be likely to want to take on the job…but, as you say, in this modern world of ours, there’s certainly a plastic surgeon who specializes in body reconstruction….. I’d stick to the orthopedists. I know you’ll find success there.Good Luck[[[[ r u randy? ]]]].
Check with a thoracic (chest) surgeon. Cardiac (heart) surgeons also sometimes address this sort of problem. There are procedures that can be done to correct chest wall deformities. It all depends on the extent of the deformity. You’ll have to be evaluated by the surgeon to find out if there’s anything that can be done at this point. Good luck!
It may help the surrounding muscles to do very deep breathing. You have to breathe in until you feel the muscles between your ribs stretch, then exhale hard so they contract. Stretching exercises may help some too, but neither of these will completely cure it.My advice is not to worry about it overly much. Like someone else mentioned, confidence is sexy. So this is just one little kink in a life that can be very successful and fun.
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