Acupuncture, does it work?

Q:Also, describe what it feels like. Thanks.
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I personally haven’t tried acupuncture, but do have friends and family that has, and they say if you go to a professional place, it’s good and they feel really relieved.
If done correctly, yes.You barely feel it.The trick is to get someone that is accredited and knows what they are doing. Like everything though, it’s not 100%.
sure it works, but like everything- prescription medicine even— it may not work on everyone for every condition… or for one person it may take 2-3 visits & the next person may take 9 or 10 visits to get better… it depends on how long your problem has been there & what you are dealing with.I do acupuncture & I’ve had it done to me… some things I have been treated for haven’t been as successful as others, other things have been like magic (things traditional medicine haven’t been able to fix).It usually doesn’t feel like much of anything, but occasionally some points are “hot” in that the points you need most you feel most– but even that is a momentary flash – a tiny zing & then it’s gone… not like getting a shot or anything.
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