please answer! is it necessary to take extra vitamins even though you get some in food?

Q:im going to do a big thing for school on this subject so was wondering what you think!
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For some people yes, it is necessary. Most people who eat a healthy diet will get the required vitamins to sustain their bodies. But for some who limit their diets may need to supplement with extra vitamins. I actually read that most women don’t get the iron and vitamin “C” that we should have. And if you supplement with the tablets it will help you control weight..I dont know if any of this is new for you or if it helps.but good luck. It depends. Most of fresh foods contain enough vitamins. But if you cook them, you lose most of them.So. if you’re used to eat cooked vegetables, instead of fresh.then it’s better to take a multi-vitamine.But also. it’s not good to take them “always”, ’cause they’re artificials. You may want to suspend them every couple of months for a period of at least 3 weeks.
If.and that’s a big eat a sufficiently balanced diet with fresh foods grown in soil that isn’t depleted of trace minerals, you can get enough vitamins from your food. However, the average person in the US today does NOT eat anything that closely resembles a balanced diet. On top of that, much of our soil has been leached of basic minerals like selenium. A good multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement is generally a good idea any more. It depends on what food you eat! For example if you were a vegan, or even just a vegitarien your not getting enough protein you usually get from meat, so take it in pill form!
yes vitamins are great for you dont stop taking them it build you immune system It is in the sense that we don’t eat the way we’re supposed to, so we supplement what we miss through vitamins.
You don’t have to take Vitamin supplements but you do not get all the nutrients you need from food. So taking a supplement will help get more nutrients. young growing individuals need extra vitamins so their bodies develop and grow properly!
If you eat a balanced diet, there is usually no need for taking extra vitamins.Unless you have a specific requirement, you should not take viatmins. In some large doses, they can be dangerous.
not if u eat food with TONS of vitamins. u mite get sick and go 2 the hospital?! My belief is that a multi-vitamin taken each day is essential for good health. With that said, whether to take supplements or not requires individual research. If you listen to vitamin advocates you may here that vitamins will cure everything from cancer to the common cold. They will not. The medical community calls vitamin nutrition dangerous and makes claims such as Vitamin C causing kidney stones without proof or documentation of actual cases. Check out a book “Vitamins and You” by Robert Benowicz available on Amazon. It is not a cure all book nor does it dismiss the benefits of vitamin supplements. It will give you solid information so you can make an informed choice about what is best for you. It may also help you with your paper. Another excellent book is “Life Extension” by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw.
Taking a multivitamin is imperative for good health. There is not enough vitamins and minerals and trace minerals in our soil to provide you with what you need. Given that and the fact that after manufacturing our food, there is so much that is lost. Vitamin C alone. This one very important vitamin is lost daily. Your entire supply of it in your body thru food or supplementation is lost daily. The FDA says you only need 60 mg. When you actually need at least a couple thousand mgs for optimal health.This is the key word here.optimal health. When doing your report you might want to concentrate not on what we are supposed to get daily from the FDA standard, but what do us as humans need for optimal health. Look at the FDA standard for nutrients, then dig deeper. See what you find for actually optimal health for humans. You will be surprised how low the government has set some of our nutrients. Did you know alot of the vitamin and mineral standards are set to just keep us from disease? Not set to keep us truly healthy. BIG difference.
Look into the impact of soil depletion, green harvesting, the impact of food processing, and microwaving on the nutrient content of our food. Get some stats that compare the nutrient content of produce many years ago to today. The drop in the nutrient content over the years is amazing. After all that, it will be pretty easy to come to the conclusion that vitamins are necessary to augment the lack of nutrients in our food. I would also encourage you to compare the potency/efficacy of whole food nutrition supplementation as compared to synthetic vitamins. These are supplements that are made from plant products, so the macronutrients are used by the body more efficiently, partly because they contain micronutrients that enhance their action.Good luck on your project Source(s):Wellness counselor
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