feverfew for migraines.?

Q:I’ve read a couple of questions here concerning feverfew as an aid to stopping migraines. Just want to add that for anyone who suffered crippling migraines like I used to that trying feverfew is worth a shot. I used to get the worst debilitating migraines almost weekly(sensitivity to light, throwing up etc.) I started taking feverfew daily and after about 6 weeks the migraines stopped coming and I’ve only had one migraine in a year and a half time span. It worked for me and may just work for you : )))
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i thank you for your question.. i have had migraines for a long time.. i always thought they were coming from to much head trauma.. but i will ask the doctor about this anyway..but they usually associate everything i say back to all the head trauma i have had by abusive husbands and one of my ex-sister-in-laws.i do not live in that situation at all now.. i never fought them i just never really knew them well enough.but this is off the subject.but thankyou for your input.hope it works..i wander if they will know the name of the stuff here in missouri.who knows i kind of losing faith in doctors and well about anyone anymore. good 4 u,so what’s the ?
Do you sell this stuff or something? Cause this kind of sounds like a plug for feverfew. thanks for the tip.i bought some for mine but havent tried it yet
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