Does Reiki really work?

Q:Have you eve heard of Reiki? How was your experince?
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yes reiki works. once i was having a morning walk with my friend.suddenly her ankle got twisted while jumping. there was an old man who came near to her & told her to calm down & drove her mind from the pain . he starts moving his hand on the effected part & within few seconds she doesnt even feel the pain.that old man told us that reiki works on mind.
no. it’s a scam. go for the acupuncture If you put your faith in it, sure. Plus depends on the person who performs it. do they believe or just trying to make a buck.
It dident work for me.I had reiki classes too.
Reiki: The Universal Life Energy.I believe it works and have had amazing results while using it in my sessions with clients.My understanding and appreciation of Reiki has evolved over the years I have been in practice.Each recipient will have their own perception of the modality, it just depends on their own level of awareness. Odd and ethereal. I felt in a completely different Zone altogether..I am thinking that beyond massage, I should go into this..*thanks for your have NO idea..but TODAY has been one of the most spiritual days of my life* Does work..
I’ve not only heard of it, I have many masterships in various forms of Reiki and I teach it. I have seen it “work” many times, and also not work. There are complicated reasons why any therapy works or doesn’t work, some having to do with the mind and resistance and others having to do with the nature of the illness or problem. But I’ve seen it “work” too many times on animals not to believe there’s something there. never done it or had it done but i know people who are impressed by it,swear by it & no effect so there are different opinions. try it i guess
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