What are the benefits and drawbacks of chewing cloves?

Q:Cloves are supposed to clean your breath and your mouth. I am told that it is a very good cleaning agent. But I have also heard that it has bad side effects but cannot confirm this. Any comments?
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its a herb, so im quite sure there should not be any side effects… yes it is good for the breathe- i use it often
Cloves are a good remedy for toothache, But the negative effect was she wouldn’t kiss me after i used it, The taste isn’t nice
they clean your teeth (benefit)they also breakdown the enamel (drawback)
It kills germs.Prevents tooth problems.No known side effect.It gives good smell in mouth.I use it occasionally .So far no problem.In some tooth pastes clove oil is one of the content. benefits: supposed to help numb toothache and possible improove breath, but it is a tmeporary measure, go see a dentist if the problem persistsdrawbacks: you breath smells of cloves
I shouldn’t think that chewing cloves will do much good to the smell of your breath
Surely there are better things to chew than gloves, what about socks or shirts or other items of discarded clothing?
You should not ‘chew’ cloves.If you have mild tooth pain or bad breath then you can place 1-2 cloves in your mouth. It really helps if you place the clove in between the tooth that hurts. Try not to chew it, if you chew it then just remove the bits. Eventually after a few hours the clove will become soft, at which point it should be thrown away.It does not have any serious side effects as long as I am aware. However remember it is the juice of the clove that helps the tooth pain, it is not advisable to chew the clove. If tooth ache persists, see your dentist.Hope this helps !
Clove oil stops tooth ache on contact, it can also burn your mouth and lips
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