Does infrared light therapy really work?

Q:If so, how can I purchase an inexpensive home model and what do I look for in selecting one?
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Specialists in the field of chemical detoxification (such as Sherry Rogers, M.D. and William Rea, M.D.) have written extensively on the benefits of Far-Infrared-Sauna detoxification (called ‘Depuration Therapy’). Recent research on chemically contaminated firefighters has confirmed clinical benefits.For more detailed information, pick up a copy of Dr. Roger’s book called ‘Detoxify Or Die’. It is available at or from the publisher at 1-800-846-6687. She explains the treatment, its safety and benefits and sources of saunas. (I use a Far-Infrared Sauna from High Tech Health, Inc., 1-800-794-5355. You can call them for their research file on this type of therapy.)Best wishes and good luck. Infrared is heat, so I suppose it would work for anything that benefits from the application of heat. When they start using terms like “infrared light therapy” it sounds to me like they are trying to sell you and expensive bill of goods on some overpriced item. Go out and get some heat lamp from a hardware store for a couple of bucks and save yourself hundreds of dollars. Just watch out of burning from ultravioloet and all that, common sense really.
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only if you want to glow at night
Although it does heat up the body faster and consistently, there is no evidence that it is far better than a good electric blanket or a heat wrap.
Hmmm. . . are you using this for pain or for depression? I ask because I apparently read something different from what the other answers did. If I’ve totally missed the point, please forgive me.If you’re using it for mood, I’d say it’s worth a try. I didn’t believe the difference light made until I started keeping a health diary. I didn’t actually spring for a light box but I believe in light therapy so much that I’ll make a point to go for a drive on a cloudy day just to get whatever sunlight I can. And I moved my office into an east-facing room to get that morning sun.I hope that helps and Best Wishes.
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