Can Chloroform really make people unconscious?

Q:I was watching a movie, and in the movie they made the bad guys use chloroform to make someone unconscious. Also, in the new movie of KINGKONG, they use a whole bottle of Chloroform to make the KINGKONG APE to fell unconscious, is this possible?
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Yes this is true,but about King Kong it would take a ton of Chloroform,To knock him out.. LOL. Clowmy
Yes, because it is an anesthesia..The Meyer Overton theory states that anesthetics dissolve in cellular membranes, causing structural distortion of the membranes. The distortion may reduce the conduction of a nerve impulse along a nerve cell. This theory is based on the observation that the potency of most anesthetic drugs is correlated with their solubility in oil. As an alternative to the Meyer Overton theory, it has been proposed that anesthetics interact with specific proteins. Examples of proteins that may be altered by binding of an anesthetic are neurotransmitter receptors and ion channels. Anesthetics may change the conformation (structure) of the protein. Other theories include actions at the interface between proteins and lipids. .. About the humans, yes. King Kong, don’t know.
Yes it really make people unconscious Yes it works.
I don’t know if you could knock out Kong like they did in the movie, but Chloroform will definitely make people unconcious. For decades, it was the anesthetic of choice for surgery. Source(s): yes, peter jackson said so. cheers!
Of course. Where do you think they got the idea? =)Chloroform is rarely so genteel or quick about it’s effects, though, and has several negative side effects (about ten percent of people exposed to it have an allergic reaction which results in a dangerously high fever. pregnant women exposed to it can easily miscarry, it can damage the liver, etc), which is why we’ve stopped using it as an anaesthetic agent. Wikipedia actually has a nice, informative article on the subject that’s accurate:
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