What is the best massage oil to use on loved one before going to bed?

Q:We have planned a naughty night and I want to give her a massage but if I use Lavender she will fall asleep lol.Any other oils I can use which will stimulate her senses?
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use citric scents then.
I’d say use scented oils, and choose the scent that invigorate your body and mind. c”,)
Whatever you do, don’t use Icy Hot. I won’t even tell you.
I am from India and we use an ancient recipe.Heat a few cloves of peeled garlic in pure mustard oil ( you can use vegetable oil if this is not available) and when it starts spluttering take it off the flame. Cool and use. Smelly but it works wonders.
Sandalwood is great, but expensive. Same with rose. Also jasmine.Patchouli or geranium can be really nice though and won’t cost that much. Just be sure to properly dilute them in a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil.G’luck! 🙂
Lemon zest in plain oil, or coconut.both good.
Ylang Ylang is the best one for inducing a naughty night. Try it mixed with jasmine, rose, geranium. Mmmmm.
As a former massage therapist, I found grapefruit essential oil to be the best received scent, and it was very reasonable in price. (always dilute it with a base oil like Almond Oil)(never use mineral oil based oils as they clog pores).Essential oils are made different ways, be sure it is not diluted with alcohol. Always add a few drops to base oil as direct contact with skin can cause burning and/or irritation.Grapefruit oil was stimulating to my clients and always helped elevate their spirits.Essential oils like patchouli, ylang, sandlewood and the like are arousing to one’s sexuality.
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