Anyone used paragone or anyother parasite cleansers?

Q:I am just curious of the effects and benefits it had on you and if it helped you loose weight.
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Agree 100% with the first answer. Parasites are RARE in the US, and there is way too much BS on the internet about how “you need to cleanse” to get rid of something you don’t even HAVE to begin with! Some of these cleansers even put dehydrated gunk in that looks like “parasites” when it comes out, so people will keep believing (and buying!) Don’t waste your money on these glorified laxatives. If you REALLY think you have “parasites”, have your doctor send a stool sample to be tested. Oh, and “parasites” have absolutely nothing to do with losing weight.
I’ve never used paragone but, when I used CLEAR by the Awareness Corporation, I saw dead parasites in the commode, expelled from my body, so yes, I do beleive people can have parasites.I’ve just started the parasite cleanse by and can’t tell you much about it except it’s lots cheaper than the CLEAR.I tried Dr. Hulda Clark’s parasite stuff years ago and it didn’t do a thing for me. And, no, I didn’t lose weight but my hair and skin look a lot better than they did before.
I would say its a complete waste of money. We do NOT generally have parasites, and if we do, we get symptoms! You would be much better off spending you money on gym membership.
I’ve never used this product but I have used Gaia herbs Quassia Artemesia (with wormwood and black walnut) extract for parasites. My family and I had them after visiting lake Tahoe (the water has parasites from the intestinal tracts of the wild animals in the area from stream runoff). We all took it three times a day for a week and felt remarkably better. I treat myself and family whenver there are vague symptoms of GI upset, diarrhea, general fatigue. The symptoms clear right up. Always follow a parasite cleanse with taking probiotics to repopulate the GI tract with beneficial bacteria (like the kind in yogurt). Hope this helps!
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