Hi,i want know about ovarian cyst,how can it be cured without operation?

Q:can anyone tell me the contact number of Gynacologist Dr Padmini
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Yes ovarian cysts can be cured without operation using Homeopathic Medicine please give your details for an appropriate homeopathic treatment.Take care and God Bless you my mrs had one that rupured and did not have surgery but it hurt alot. it healed by it self
there is no other way than to operation for youir ovarian. cyst.
Ovarian cyst can either rupture causing a lot of pain and possibly severe bleeding. Bleeding bad enough to go to the hospital. Sometimes they can heal themselves but sometimes not. I don’t know that I would take the chance. Good Luck in your decision.
well i had 2 on my right overy and it was removed they tryed to shrink it with birth contral but it didnt work i do have to say the surgey wanst bad it was better than the pain from the cyst
depends on what ovarian cyst u also have… is it follicular or the corpus luteum type pr theca lutein type… but then again yes u can have non surgical treatment… hormone therapy. as long as it hasnt ruptured yet. sadly that corpus luteum types primary treatment is surgical for its bleeding tendency…
Hi there Shamy, I’m sorry to tell ya this, but you will either have to have surgery or it will rupture on it’s own. I’ve had many do that and it hurts like hell!! I had four surgies for Endometriosis, and for cysts and ended up loosing a baby boy at 7 months pregnant!! Don’t mess around with that stuff please!! I’m 39 now and had to have a Hysterectomy at27!! I have no kids now!! I wish you great luck!!
birth control pills can sometimes shrink them.
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