Can a change of diet help people with ADD?

Q:Can a change of diet help people with ADD?
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Yes yes. diet can be really helpful. Take all refined sugars out of the diet; fizzy drinks, biscuits, cakes, chocolate, as much junk food as possible should be taken out of the diet; no fries, no burgers, nothing deep fried. Try to increase substantially the intake of fresh vegetables, especially greens. Use brown rice, mabe try cutting red meat from the diet too. A week of this type of regime should start to show some results. You are healing the body from within.
A change in diet can definitely be a factor in helping with behavior problems. A healthy diet low in sugar and processed foods with chemicals like MSG and arificial colors may be useful.However, you should be aware that the label ADD has no scientific test whatsoever, and was merely voted into existence. Here is a link to a website by a pediatric neurologist, Dr. Fred Baughman, who has testified before Congress about the
less sugar and cafeine will help some, my son has it and he stopped both , but he just can’t quit smoking and that is no help either in adult ADD.
Yes. A couple of years ago, a local mother’s child was diagnosed with ADD. She refused to allow anyone to give her kid the drugs – instead she changed his diet. 3-6 months later all of his symptoms disappeared.I know she cut out all sugar and junk food but onther than that I don’t recall what the article stated about his current diet.
Maybe, check out He was recommended to me by 3 different people and I have recently contacted him because he specializes in natural alternatives in eating, diet and lifestyle that can improve health, diagnose allergies and improve overall well being. I believe that I saw something there about the effects of diet on ADD.
most defiantly it can a diet high in omega 3 fish oil is great, and a product i use called nrg. have had great results with it also stay away from food preserves as much as possible, sometimes your body is having allergic reaction to the chemicals,, red dye 40 in fruit drinks is one to try to steer away from.
less sugar and caffeine can!
Yes. There has been many studies and tests done on this. Eating healthier really will improve brain function and activity, attitude, mood, etc.
I would think it is possible, I have a friend who has a son that is ADHD and she lets him eat candy and sugary snacks all day then washes it down with soda. I think that his problem is all the sugar and caffine not ADHD.
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