How can i clean up for a drug screen with home remidies?

Q:How can i clean up for a drug screen with home remidies?
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You can’t. And there is nothing you can buy eitherto clean your system.If you do drugs you pay the price. You will not get a job, you are slowly killingyourself. You need to get help to stop your addiction.That is the only way you will be clean. Good Luck and stop doing drugs.
look at it this way how many people out there do drugs all the time? ok now think of this how many people out there have no life no home, no job, NO MONEY because they do drugs hmmmm let me see.the question you are asking really has no point! If you dont do drugs you wont have to worry about getting it out of your system! but I will give you some advice! I know someone who actually spent $150 on something that said it would keep his system clean well guess what he had a piss test to a job and he bombed it big time! people say some people are addicted and it isnt there fault well actually yeah it is. They had a choice. hmmm I have a feeling you are ganna be one of those people that the tax payers have to support because you wont be able to get a job. *sigh* work harder people millions on welfare depend on you! Stop being a dumb as s and stop doing drugs!!
depends on what drug. but cranberry juice it your talkin about the green.
Don’t do drugs.
Start looking for another job. I own my business- convince me that drugs/alcohol do not affect job performance. This doesn’t hurt you, alone. It affects a lot of folks.And I don’t feel it is fair that the employer has to pay for drug rehab, if it is necessary. Ridiculous!
Get treatment. If drugs are so important to you that you will lie and try to cheat to conceal your use of them, then you have an addiction problem that should be addressed.It doesn’t matter if you “fool” an employer’s drug screen. Your behavior will demonstrate your problem to an employer soon enough, and you’ll be right back out on the streets, looking to fool another employer.
You can’t. Just don’t do drugs. I bet a lot of people have said that to you in school before and yet you didn’t listen. See what happens. it messes up your body, and at the same time it messes up your chances to get a job.
You cant! Just dont do the drugs!
Don’t listen to those squares. I love to smoke weed, and I’m a very hard-working and responsible employee. Here’s what you do: Stop smoking as soon as you can before the test. Take niacin and b vitamins to clean out your system. Don’t eat much. Drink TONS of water. Drink TONS of cranberry juice. The morning of your test, drink that detox stuff that you can get at any good head shop. Continue to drink water and pee as much as you possibily can right before the test. Good luck!
quit putting toxins in your body! lots of water, cranberry juice, excercise(sweat)
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