What are the defination of the medical terms below?

Q:Tincture (2) Antagonist (3) Idiosncrasy (4) Irrigation (5) Agonist (6) Transdermal (7) Synergism (8) Instillation
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Look them up, I’m not doing your homework for you!!! lol
1) medication that contains an extract in an alcohol solution2) a drug that acts within the body to reduce the physiological activity of another chemical substance (such as pain killers which damper nerve endings)3) individual hypersensitiveness to to a drug or food4) flushing out using water5) a drug which initiates or complements a reaction6) a drug which is applied to the skin, which absorbs it7) when two drugs interact with each other to produce an effect that is greater than if you’d just used one of the drugs on their own8) to apply a drugHope that helps and these are correct.
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