Is sleeping with ear plugs all night long harmful?

Q:My husband snores very loudly and it’s the only way I can get some sleep. But sometimes I wake up with a headache from the ear plugs. Any suggestions.
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ask you r dr to recommend a sleep study for himI had one done – I had 367 episodes of breathing stopping for more than 30 seconds a night – Oxygen dropped to 77% (not supposed to be below 90) was never going below Stage 2 of sleep – never dreaming – oh yeahI could peel paint at 20 paces – could I snoreHave used a machine for 7 years – but that might not be the only solution – talk to your doctor for a recommendationyes – it could be life threatening
I couldn’t imagine they could be, so I’ll be interested in reading the other responses. Maybe the ones you are using don’t fit you correctly. I am a very light sleeper and before we got a fan I used them.I actually had to trim them for my comfort.We use a fan in our room.just a regular fan on the floor and I have it on high by my side of the bed. I sleep all night. 🙂 White noise works wonders!
try better fitting ones
My boyfriend sleeps with earplugs because he does shift work and our 7 month old is very loud during the day and he has no complaints. He also wears them for 12 hrs at work. He said they have a few different kinds there so if you don’t find one pair comfortable you can always try a different kind. I would suggest trying a few different kinds. I find the some of the foam ones expand so much that they put pressure inside my ears and they hurt after I wear them for awhile (I used to wear them to bed). I don’t think it should cause any long term effects though.
One thing for sure, make absolute certain that those ear plugs are new or clean every time you use them. I use ear plugs at work every day, all day, so I know there is no harm in sleeping with them. However, if you get a headache, experiment with different plugs. Find the plugs that are most comfortable. Gun shops have very effective ear plugs that are like dense sponges. And for sure your husband can learn to stop snoring. Lots of help for snorers out there. Just type into your search engine, “How to stop snoring”, and you will see a plethora of advise.
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