What is a good sleep med that puts you to sleep, but not for 8 hours?

Q:I’ve tried some, but I can’t seem to wake up after 4-6 hours.they make me too groggy.please don’t say coffee.that joke’s worn out.
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Its a toughy because drugs react different with different people. My personal fav is Diazepam, but I ONLY use it when I am desperate for sleep (I’m talking 3 or 4 wks of broken sleep, tossing and turning and walking around during the day like a zombie) and only to break the pattern. Once I’ve had three or four good nights of peaceful sleep, I stop taking it. The stuff is dangerous heyMy suggestion is to see your doctor, he/she can help you
If it wasn’t for Unisom, or Walsom, occsionally with Advil, I’d never get to sleep. Same as Benadryl. Helps make you drowsy, but doesn’t make you wake up groggy. I usually only get 4 1/2 to 5 hrs of sleep a night because of my schedule, and this works great for me. No side effects. Yay diphenhydramine! Source(s):Personal experience. Some people just don’t need as much sleep as others. I don’t get sleepy during the day.
Try Valerian Root, an herbal remedy. It may not work the 1st time but I take 1 about a half hour before I want to go to sleep each nite and I sleep quite well now. Hope this helps.
Everybody is different. But birth control pills actually put me to sleep about 1.5 hours after I take them..this is of course taking them regularly at night.Also allegra D works for me when I have allergies. It does not make me exhausted but it makes me fall asleep.
There are a lot of great articles and information on how stress can effect sleep at ( http://www.reducingstress.net ). there are also many tips for solving the problem.
Try Melatonin, you can buy it in the health food stores or the vitamin shop. Your body produces this naturally, it’s what puts you to sleep at night. But sometimes we need some help. I use it myself and I find within a half hour after taking it I get drowsy and I fall asleep and stay asleep. Next morning there is no drowsiness and I slept well so I feel better during the day. I don’t like using drugs there are too many side effects and they are too addictive. Sleep is important to your mind, body and spirit so I wish you a good healthy nights sleep.
Why do you want to wake up after 4 or 6 hours? Your body needs more sleep than that. That’s why you feel groggy!Four things you can take that wont leave you feeling hung over: 1.melatonin-it’s very cheap. It is what your body naturally manufacturs to make you sleepy2. chamomile tea3. passionflower extract-a bit more pricey and not very tasty. But a few drops under the tongue works wonders! I like passionflower because you dont need to get up and get a glass of water to take it. If you cant fall asleep, you just keep it by your bed, roll over, and a few drops later you’re in dreamland!4. kava-kava-there is speculation that this discolors your teeth if taken often and long term. I have used it for the occasional sleepless night and am fine. tyeall pm
Yes sir re’ coffee isn’t your answer.There are other natural things out in the wilderness that can help,Check out some herbal medicines and teas,like chi tea. that’s one thing that will help your mornings.
A combination of calcium/magnesium, GABA, meletonin (in small doses), and valarian in small doses (one capsule) puts me to sleep quickly. GABA gives a quality deep sleep. I wake refreshed on six hours of sleep.
tylenol pm is good or a generic equivalent
Tylenol PM and a cup of Sleepy Time Tea by Bigelow
SLEEP-RX is great! Source(s):http://www.shop-4-vitamins.com/sleep-rx.html
Melatonin is good. Your body produces it naturally and it isn’t addictive nor is it hard on the liver. You can get it in the vitamin/herbal department of any drug store. Chamomile tea is also good. Heck you can take a Melatonin and then have a cup or two of tea and your good to go (to sleep that is) Night night!!
I would suggest Valium, if u r desperate. A cuppa hot milk is original. Haven’t u wondered why babies fall alsleep after a feed? Don’t depend on drugs. Create a better time table n live longer.
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