Has anyone ever suffered from morphine sideeffects?

Q:Has anyone ever suffered from morphine sideeffects?
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I took some yesterday, for a massive headache I had. It made me feel a little light headed but ok. But this morning, the head ache was even worse.
during recovery in surgery I came up with horrible headache, and they hit me with more to keep me still—had a migraine for 4 days from it.blah
OHH, YES. I had to have surgery and when they put morphine in me I thought a tractor trailer was parked on my legs. The pain was unbearable and they said they had to give me something else to counter the drug. I passed out. Good luck with this and if you are having side affrects, or what you think might be, call your local hospital and speak to the doctor on call there. They will tell you what you are experiencing, if it’s due to the drug and if you should stop taking it immedietly. Good Luck!
Had three doses of morphine over a 2-hour period following a shoulder dislocation and fractured elbow. Was vomiting shortly thereafter, and was nauseaous for about 16 hours.
Lots of people do.ItchingConstipationIleus (bowels shut down)Urinary retentionRespiratory depressionHallucinationsare all common
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