Does anyone know what Biochemistry is all about?

Q:Does anyone know what Biochemistry is all about?
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are you talking about the schlusser tissue salts that was popular maybe 30 years ago? they were 12 tissue salts,actually minerals finely ground.this may be similar to the homeopathic pills of today but homeopathy is not limited to 12 ingredients Source(s):i have an old book on tissue salts and the book is called biochemistry
nope but if i find out i will let u know but u can check on google
Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes that the food we eat goes through after entering the body during digestion. It is also the interaction of any chemical or drug taken into the body with the chemicals present. it’s the chemistry of biological systems. For example in regular chemistry you might learn about the Nernst equation which has to do with electricty and voltage. In Biochemistry you also learn about the Nernst equation, but it has to do with the potential difference between neuron cells which causes nerve impulses to fire in your body. It’s all related to living things and their chemistry.
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