Can a goiter shrink without surgery?

Q:Can a goiter be reduced in size without surgery? Can you recommend doctors in New York City that specialize in goiters and natural remedies. Any success stories with before/after goiter pictures would be appreciated.
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Yes..Doctor’s try to shrink it with medication, first
Yes there are medications than can help reduce the with your doctor.
yea. my mom used to have goiter when she was around my age. she didn’t have any surgery but the ‘lump’ shrunk. her doctor adivised her to eat foods that are rich in iodine (iodized salt, and seafoods) and keep a healthy balanced diet. she was also advised to exercise. hope this’ll help.
I assumed that you have some kind of hyper thyroid problem that caused your goiter to grow bigger than normal. There are basically 3 types of treatment: (1) oral medicine (2) surgery (3) radio active iodine (taken orally)I was a classic case of hyperthyroid. I started with oral medicine but it gave me allergy, and I hated my doctor, so choose one that you like, so you will cooperate with him/her.I did not like the idea of surgery, so I dragged on and let me body rot for several years. I was at a point of no return, my heart has enlarged due to delayed treatment. I had to decide to seek treatment or die silently.Anyway, what I am going to say is I went for the third option. It took a couple of years and it went yo-yo for a while until I realised that there are two fundamental things that needs to changed, my lifestyle (check my nick, thats how I decided to change my nick to lifestylelink). First, live a happy life, try to be happy, it is the best medicine in the world. Most people with thyroid problem are too stressed, and too hot tempered. Make it a must to change. Secondly, watch your nutritional intake from your daily diet. Our body is the best healing machine. Make sure you give “good food” to the body to take care of itself. I recommend these two:(1) – contact me and I will share with you exactly what product I took for optimum result(2) – you can get a free trial hereI do not have goiter picture to show you because I look damn ugly with a huge goiter and a stick figure, so I took no pictures. If you like to know details of my full thyroid experience, go to my blogsite here.
goiters can be reduced in size with treatment. thyroid hormone (levothyroxine) will sometimes allow the enlarged thyroid tissue to return to normal size, because demand is not being made of the tissue to produce endogenous hormone. Look for an endocrinologist or call the local medical society or ask your doctor to recommend someone. many endos require a referral anyway so as not to waste their and your time. radiation therapy can reduce it
omg. that is the funniest question all night.
I don’t know. Mine had to be removed,thyroid and all.
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