uses of Tesla plate?

Q:Appart from putting it under your pillow,under a glass of water or fruit to enhance the food’s energy or on your body when you are hurt,have you tried any other ways to use a Tesla plate that worked for you?
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Wear the small plates in pocket or wallet for more energy, no body contact is necessary Use small plate on pain or injured spot Place large plate in the centre shelf of the refrigerator to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables Place large plates under the monitor to reduce radiation Place plate under sick houseplants Place plate under water for about 15 minutes to induce life force energy Use crystalium discs on mobile, cordless phones, computer, TV, microwaves, laptops etc. This is all I know….hope it helpsxxxxxxxxx
I’m afraid not.None of these things,Magnetic bracelets,crystals or Tesla plates have any real research to back them.It’s all the power of suggestion.I watched a documentary earlier this year where the film crew had gone to a local mall with these plain steel bracelets and claimed that they had incredible powers to heal the body and reduce pain.90% of the people that they had try them claimed that they were incredible when they were in fact nothing but a regular piece of jewelry
MY GOD… I haven’t thought about that thing for years. I actually had a Tesla Plate… for those who don’t know… a “Tesla Plate” is a small, 3″x4″ or 4″x5″ plate of some kind of rare metal that has a purple color. The belief is, if you put it under your pillow, glass of water, etc, the ‘energy’ in the plate will transfer into your body.I can’t honestly say it did much for me… which is why I still have it around here someplace but I don’t know where because I stopped using it once I decided it didn’t help me.The latest version of this idea is that Ionized Bracelet you see on late night TV adverts… I don’t really believe those things work, either but, if they do… the supposedly put out IONIZED radiation… and so does a nuclear device. Makes a fantastic frisbee.
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