what is the best remedy for arthritis pain in your fingers, and hands?

Q:what is the best remedy for arthritis pain in your fingers, and hands?
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Many many years ago, I saw a program; a doctor had swollen fingers, too, and slowed down his consumption of red meat. It seemed to have a positive effect on him. cbreeze is incorrect. Carpul Tunnel Syndrome is an entrapment neuropathy (Bilateral Medial Nerve Neuropathy at the level of the Carpul Tunnel) and NOT arthritis (inflamation of the joint).The standard treatment for arthritis is an NSAID, heat and physical therapy/exercise. You will want to do range-of-motion exercises as well as strengthing exercises.Here are some links with good information: Source(s):http://www.orthop.washington.edu/uw/livingwith/tabID__3370/ItemID__82/Articles/Default.aspxhttp://holisticonline.com/Remedies/Arthritis/arth_hand-and-wrist-exercises.htm You could try Bowen Therapy. I’ve had this done for all kinds of things (including pain in my hands/wrist) and it always seems to help.Here’s a link to find a certified therapist: http://www.bowtech.com/public/country/profile.do?countryId=61 natural remedy for arthritis painhttp://andycaine.apunto.hop.clickbank.net sure hope it helps
I had have severe carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a form of arthritis and was facing surgery. Two weeks before my surgery, I started cold laser light therapy with a chiropractor and have 100 percent usage of my hands now. This therapy is a god send for me and recommend it to anybody that is experiencing hand and finger pain Aleave works really well but beware it is bad for your stomach. Also (you’ll never believe this but) I’ve had acute rheumatoid in my hands all of my life. until I started needlepoint and typing. The doctor said that the exercise helped. try that (Although at first it is excruciating)
Take some Advil and give your hands a break. The miracle drug, aspirin, is my #1 choice because it reduces pain and inflammation at the same time; and it’s natural and cheap. Make sure to take it with food. Heat. Fill a sink with hot water, as hot as you can stand. Dip your hands into it and maneuver your fingers. Loosens them up. Good luck. Source(s):Personal experience.
Try any of these they have helped other people I know.ShapeWorks Quick StartNiteworksHerbalifelineRoseOxHerbal AloeTang KueiJoint SupportGo to www.beaturlbs-mall.com for the products, you cannot find these in stores. Ask for 40% off for the month of JuneEmail me if you have any questions 🙂 Besides the traditional tratments, SAM-E is supposed to reduce arthritis pain, so is Omega 3 fatty acids. Sam-e is expensive though. Go to a health food store, there are herbal preperations for arthritis pain.
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