What’s the best and fastest way to get rid of a bad headache?

Q:I get bad headaches everyday. I usually take Ibuprophen 800 or BC. Any other suggestions?
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Cold ice pack
Rub a drop of peppermint oil into each temple as needed.Take a B-50 complex which will do wonders with stress. 1-2/day. Available wherever vitamins are sold. Cheap. Essential. Low calcium associated with headache. Take 1200 mg of calcium from calcium citrate. Also helps you relax. Available in vitamin store too.Stay hydrated. Avoid sugary drinks which can enhance dehydration and cause huge blood sugar swings.Look at what else you are eating. Something you eat everyday may cause your headache everyday (ie milk).Headache can be an allergic reaction. Look at your world and see what is common everyday you have headache. Eliminate or minimize contact. Quercetin can help reduce or eliminate allergic reaction. Also available in vitamin store.The best person to figure this out is you since you have all the facts. Think about some of the ideas listed above and see if you can eliminate the cause or the headaches. Try some of the supplements to improve the situation.The peppermint oil should be a quich fix.Dave,Certified Nutritionist
Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day, and wear a hat and sunglasses when out in the sun. Sometimes rubbing the pressure point between your pointer finger and thumb will help relieve pressure. If those do not work you may want to talk to your doctor. It could be the same headache is returning everyday, what you are taking know is just masking the symtoms of a prolonged migraine. That is what happened to me I got one IMATREX shot and have not got another one in over 9 months. Divorce !
Look for sources of stress and try to elimiate them or calm yourself when you encounter them.If they are migraines, try drinking caffeine in addition to the ibuprophen.Have your eyesight checked to make sure you aren’t straining anything.
try a sample of Imitrex or Maxalt 10mg similar for migraines from your doctor, I do, they work better and faster than motrin 800 just make sure you take one or the other and not mix migraine meds.
Lavender oil on your temples. Maybe your should look at your diet.Or maybe you don’t have enough airconditioning and drink enouhg WATER. 8+ glass a day JR- Health Nut
smoke a doobie, or have a cool bath
reflexology. Try this method http://healthfultips.blogspot.com/2004_06_01_healthfultips_archive.html
If they are migraines, try “feverfew”
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