Colon cleansing?

Q:Is it true that some people’s eye color tends to go lighter in color when they do colon cleansing?Is it a scam to promote colon cleansing or does it really happen?
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Please leave your colon alone. It will work fine all by itself if you eat a fair diet and drink fluids. Any form of treatment that involves colon cleansing is not good for anything but separating you from your money.
I think I’ve seen this mentioned somewhere before. When you think about it, when you clean out the colon, you will be much healthier, so I suppose it is possible to see changes in your complexion and perhaps make your eyes whiter and brighter.
I haven’t heard about a person’s eyes becoming clearer after a colon cleanse, but I don’t recommend one simply for it being a very odd and most likely very uncomfortable thing to do with no health benefits. I read in a book somewhere that doing this can cause inflammation and possibly and infection of this body area. Also, the book mentioned that there were no reliable scientific studies proving that any benefits were had from performing a colon cleanse. I also read that some Hollyweird types were into this, and the late Princess Diana was also a, um, fan of this practice. I can’t help but make occasional jokes about this kind of thing with an uncle of mine who couldn’t believe that there was such a thing as colon cleansing. I mentioned that I would buy him a colon-cleansing kit for Christmas (LOL)!
this is one crappy subject to think about..
guess if toxins are not there then they may be a little whiter.
If the darkening of your iris is due to health problems associated with your colon specifically or your liver, then it’s possible the discoloration in particular areas of the iris may change. I say this based on a limited knowledge of iridology. However, I do not believe that the iris color overall would be affected. If you want a different color iris, buy colored contact lenses.If you want to gain better health, do research into proper procedures for colonics, then do research into colon hydro therapists in your area and choose one who is knowledgeable, whose clients come in for a maximum of three months worth of treatments at a time and who has years of experience. If the general treatments from a certain practitioner involve continually going for months and months at a time or only coming in once in a great while for one session, you’re not going to gain benefits and your body can become dependent on the treatment. However, when it’s done properly it strengthens your colon’s ability to dispose of waste matter.Always, always, always rebuild after treatments by replacing needed intestinal flora, electrolytes and vitamins and minerals which are used up in the process of cleansing thoroughly.
Your question piqued my curiosity, so though I’d do some research on colon hydrotherapy.I cannot find anything that substantiates the lightening of eye color.Some links to further reading that may interest you:
Does that REALLY sound logical to you ? ? ?A scam is a scam is a scam. No matter how it is said.Save your money.
OK, I’ll admit that I’ve started colon cleansing and, yes, after my last treatment then the whites of my eyes were noticeably whiter. My mother noticed it and a good friend noticed it, it wasn’t just me noticing. Both asked me what I was doing different, thinking I was taking a new vitamin that was doing it.My last treatment was my 4th or 5th colonic. I go in for my next one on Thursday and I’ll make it a point to see if there’s any change in my iris but, so far, it was only noticeable on the whites of my eyes.Also, I might add, that I’ve had a lifelong problem with chronic constipation, just like my Dad, so someone who has never been afflicted with intestinal problems like ours might not benefit from colon cleansing.
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