how can i get taller naturally?

Q:i am 17, i am 5’7″ and i want to model, i want to be 5’11” and i would like to know how to get to that height, anything can help: websites, advice, anything
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u probably can’t. sry. i wish i were taller too. but i’m almost 15 so i have a slight chance. unless u go through a growth spurt it probably won’t happen
Ware high heels. lol good luck
Your height is determined by genetics, and unfortunately there’s nothing you can do (that I know of) to make yourself taller naturally. If there were, it would already be on the market–and we wouldn’t be wearing high heels.
The following Prescription of Homeopathic Remedies will help any youngster in gaining height: -1.BACILLINUM 2002.BARYTA CARB 200 Three drops each in a sip of water just once a week.Follow it up with these Tissue Salts: -1.CALC PHOS 6X2.NAT MUR 6X3.SILICEA 6XFour tablets each all together 3 times a day half hour before meals on an empty stomach. After finishing the whole bottles of these salts (30 Days).If you feel that they are not making a positive difference just raise the potency of these three salts and get them in 30 instead of 6X and keep taking them till they start showing positive results.Keep me posted about your progress week by week.Take Care and God Bless you ! Age.
Go on the tyra Top model search, they accept ppl 5”7 and up. Girl aint nothing u can do to grow taller than genes will allow u to. Look at your mother and father and base your height off of that. Be glad u ain’t as short as me. i’m 5”0 and i’m very pretty and wanted to be a model too but no one wanted me because i was short,very short, they said i’m good for commercial print, but u can be a model at 5”7 don’t worry about your height, that’s good enough. Girl get some esteem and feel good about your height and go in and put on some nices heels that will improve your height.
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