any successful home remedies for poison ivy?

Q:any successful home remedies for poison ivy?
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Jewelweed!! you can get jewelweed soap, from Burt’s bees. I just get the bar wet and rub it on the blisters and let it dry. Or spray it with pure alcohol (not the kind you drink, the clear kind you get at the drug store) and or a mixture of alcohol and tea tree oil (i put mostly acohol with just about 1/8 tea tree, proportionally. Putting the alcohol and tea tree in a small spray bottle helps you put it on without making it itch when you’re applying it). Then cover the oozy ones with loose bandages so they won’t spread and change the bandages many times during the day, spraying the area with the alcohol/tea tree stuff then let it dry and put bandages back on. i have also heard that taking a hot shower or bath is good for it. but I have not tried that. Depending on where the posion ivy is; mix equal parts bleach and water, soak a cloth in mixture, wring out and place on infected area. Do this twice a day for two days and it should clear right up. You can also go swimming in a pool.
Hurts like the dickens, but, it will get rid of it right away. Scratch it open and rub bleach on it. But, be ready to blow it cause it will sting.
I have poison ivy (or something) on my hands, my face and my foot! I got it picking raspberries!I’m using Rite-Aid’s Anti-Itch gel (like Benedryl only cheaper) and it really helps stop the itching. I’m not sure if there’s anything you can do to stop the itching with home remedies. but I could be wrong. I just want to stop itching.. NOW!
Yes, you can use Sweet Fern (latin name: Comptonia peregrina), which works Wonderfully. Carefully pull the leaves of the sweet fern off until you have a nice handful, cover it with just enough water to cover. bring it to a low simmer, turn on low and simmer for 8-10 minutes. Shut it off, allow it to cool until you can stand to touch it. Dip a clean cotton cloth into it (a color washcloth you don’t care about, it will stain!) and then rub on the poison ivy or Poison Oak or Poison Sumac. It works on all 3. This works wonderfully, I’ve used it for years.Here’s a photo of the plant so you can easily identify it:
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