Paraplegic needs help!?

Q:hey everyone,I’m a T6 incomplete paraplegic. I’m about to switch from a foley catheter to an external catheter, but I’ve heard that a lot of problems can arise when making the switch. Are there any brands that other paraplegics recommend? What’s the best ways to avoid problems? thanks!christopher
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Hey Christopher!I think the most common adverse event reported with the external catheters is UTI’s. Best way to avoid infections and UTI’s is to keep the area and the unit CLEAN! :)Once you switch, get the manufacturer name, and model of your cath, and the website should provide you with infomation that was reported by people that used the cath while it was still in testing.Also, are you a member of a group or website for paraplegics? You should join a chat room, where you can talk to others. You might find a broader audience of paraplegics in that type of forum, who can provide you with their actual experience.Best of luck to you 🙂
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