Has anyone here tried a product called: The Almighty Cleanse?

Q:Its a bowel cleansing product. My wife is extremely constipated because she is pregnant. Any ideas if this is a product that may help her?
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Laxatives are only a temporary fix, and they only clean the lower 8-10inches of your colon. But you have 5 feet of colon all together, what about the rest of it? Dont listen to these people that say cleanses are a hoax. Colon cleansing is very effective and health benefitting. (I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions) But I know from personal experience, the health benefits of it. Up to this point, I have used colon hydrotherapy, instead of herbs. I have heard of the almighty cleanse, but know nothing about its effectiveness. I actually just ordered a cleanse last night. Have been doing lots of research and finally ordered the one that in my opinion and with research, would have the best results. It is called colonix, and is on www.drnatura.comIt is a little pricey, but take it from me, lots of the cheaper ones can have ill effects. And some are not safe for pregnant women. Colon cleansing is amazing and would help your wife Whatever product you decide to try, if you have to order it and wait on it, tell your wife to use an enema or laxative for temporary relief in the meantime. Not sure what laxatives would be safe for her, have to ask the doc. And store bought laxatives are not safe in pregnant women, they are packed fulled of sodium. But you can do one yourself at home with just plain water. Anyway, I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, please, feel free to contact me. Really, you are just talking about something to make you poop ALOT. I think cleanses are a little suspicous. You know you could always use a laxative. Probably, more fiber in the diet would help more than anything.You could always have her try a fiber supplement like Metamucil or Citrucel – it’s good stuff. Adds alot of fiber to the diet. I highly recommend it. I’d be careful if I were pregnant. Your wife needs to change her diet and eat more fiber. Try adding some psyllium sead husk or wheat bran to a glass of orange juice (follow it with a full glass of water). And make sure she’s eating 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Reduce processed foods, meats and cheese. The baby will be healthier for it and your wife will be more comfortable. Stay away from laxatives. They may solve the symptom but not the underlying problem and they can be irritating.
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