can anyone suggest an effective home remedy for insomnia?

Q:can anyone suggest an effective home remedy for insomnia?
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If you learn Pranic Healing, there is a protocol for insomnia. It worked for me. Source(s) or
stop drinking sugared and / or caffeine drinks, especially about four-six hours before bed.especially soda!! you’ll be bouncing off the walls! A bottle of Jack Daniels works every night.
I too suffered with insomnia for over 2 years.add to that hot flashing and other goodies and I was miserable.A friend introduced me to a product that is all natural and had me sleeping through the night within 2 days. When less than a week later the hot flashes disappeared, as well as the headaches and heartburn, I knew I had found something incredible.This is a functional juice with medical validation that is proving to have extraordinary results.
Try drinking tea with Valerian. You can get it at a healthfood store.mb
valerian tea, a little bit of alchohal or a little bit of marijuana
There is a cherry concentrate that some doctors are using..i use it and it works great. The link below goes to the page that talks about it. There are also other great supplements on that page. Source(s):
Good sleep hygiene helps. This includes going to bed at the same time every day, a pleasant sleeping environment (no television, clean room, and bed), meditation (this can require a lot of practice), Tryptophan rich foods such as a tuna sandwich, turkey,Reading before bed helps some. Over the counter sleep aids contain diphenhydramine that tends to cause sleepiness.It is non-habit forming. Decaffeinated hot teas, Herbs like Valerian helps some. Exercise improves sleeping patterns but for some it has a stimulating effect, so it depends on the person as to when to engage in it. Some claim Melatonin found in health food stores works. Good luck and I hope you get the rest you need.
That would be just too easy now.would’nt it. I have severe insomnia. The one thing that works best.I go to the gym about 8pm, treadmill it for an hour. Go home, take a shower, hot first then cold.then jump into bed and turn on Jay Leno.He’s a real sleep maker. lol
Calmazon & Kavazon are herbal remedies which will help quite the mind and body to allow you to relax enough to accept sleep.However not knowing more about the reason you aren’t able to sleep limits my ability to help you more. I might be able to suggest other self healing techniques and remedies if I have additional information.To find out more about the herbal remedies mentioned above, go to the site listed below.
I like using Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea, you can get it at any kroger, Wal-Mart, etc. Also, do some gentle stretching like yoga, it will relax you and put you right into bed happy!
valerian root.moon drops.both available at health food or herbalist..melatonin as well
There’s hundreds of “remedies” for that! But what most people do is mess with those constantly (often most of their lives), why not instead go to the source and get rid of what’s causing it? Not only would you NOT have insomnia, you’d also be rid of the problems and/or stress from them.
Sure, take a hike, excercise, I tire myself out sometimes too sleep better. hope
Nyquil..alot of it
Please consult a Pranic Healer to complement proper treatment. If you want distant treatment: [email protected] If not visit official website:
Valerian root was studied in the Physician’s Desk Reference on Herbal Supplements and was clinically proven to cause “good” or “very good” sleep in over 70% of those who tried it. I love the stuff. If that fails try a low dose of Melatonin – “nature’s Ambien” – perhaps 1mg to start. Best sleep of my life was under the influence of this natural hormone.
A hot shower (or bath), book, music, candles.which ever you choose. Turn off the television & phones. Get some fresh p.j. and relax.
A quart of Jack Daniels
do yoga every day
Homeopathic treatment for Insomnia :-1.PASSIFLORA INCARTA Q(Mother Tincture)2.AVENA SATIVA Q(Mother Tincture)Take twenty drops each in a sip of water half hour before meals at night 20 drops in a glass of water sip by sip every 15 to 20 minutes will make you go to sleep. Keep taking them till your Insomnia is cured.If there are any other accompanying symptoms please give details for a correct an appropriate remedy.Homeopathy treats the whole person not the disease or disorder so detailed individual symptoms as to how and what the patient feels are necessary to find the correct remedy for that specific person.Take Care and God Bless ! Get Well Soon
Hot soak in the bathtub with a glass of wine might help.
Try taking a hot shower, drink some warm milk, then curl up in bed and start reading a book. Heat makes me sleepy and long periods of reading (30 min) knock me out like a hammer. Also, eating untill you’re stuffed causes your body to send most of your blood to aid in digestion, so it borrows some blood flow from the brain and makes you sleepy.
Warm milk, I even add a little chocolate syrup even though it has caffeine but you can get it sugar-free. Chamomile tea which Celestial Seasonings markets as sleepy-time tea. But, more to the point, what is creating the insomnia? There were several good answers already posted, like exercise during the day, winding down before bed, not taking work into the bedroom, relaxing sounds, no TV, sex. Benadryl also works and is non-habit forming. It’s chemical name is diphenhydramine and it is the sleep ingredient you find in tylenol PM and others. Used as an anti-histamine, the side effect is it makes you sleepy.
-warm milk-exercise-reading before bed..don’t watch tv before bed-wash with a lavander body wash-don’t eat after 7pm
marijuana smoking. I’ve also tried “sleepytime tea” by celestial seasonings. but I’m not sure whether it is truly a sleep-aid or whether this is what I convinced myself of.outside of things you can put into your body, I’ve heard that using visualizations can be helpful. (I’ve imagined myself sinking into my bed.) But I’ve found these a little hard to utilize when I’m having sever difficulties falling alas. marijuana will work. promise.
Melatonin works
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