do antibiotics stop working over time?

Q:i’ve been using Doxycycline for my acne and it has been going really well. when i first started using it my face cleared up but lately (less than a month ago) i’ve been getting alot of pimples. did doxycycline just stopped working ?
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no it doesn’t stop working. there could be some added stress, or something in your diet that is causing new pimples. look at what you’ve been eating or what has been troubling you. what happens is that bacteria gets used to the antibiotic you use and they create a new shield to protect themselves. In this way antibiotics doesnt stop to work, but the bacteria gets resistance against it.
The Doxycycline was helping your immune system to kill the bacteria that was contributing to your acne problem. Since antibiotics work against the bacteria and not against you, it is the bacteria that become resistant to the anitbiotics and it has nothing to do with you becoming immune to the antibiotic. Changing to another antibiotic may or may not help. There are multiple factors that affect acne and bacteria is just one of them. The oil production from your skin, heat/cold, washing and hormones change from day to day and also play a part. Teenagers with changing hormones in the summer frequantly have worsening of their acne for a couple of months before things straiten out again. Yeap, the body becomes immune to them.
The acne causing bacteria may have got used to it. Go to your dermstologist. yes it can your body can get use to it and when you really need it your body wont use it.
Yes, the body will become immune to the effects of Antibiotic after a while. Have you tried Proactiv? It’s expensive, but I don’t know anyone (no matter how severe their acne has been) that have not had amazing results with that treatment. Give it a try if you haven’t already. Good luck. 🙂 (btw, I’m in no way afiliated with that company. I just know that stuff worked for me and A LOT of people I know). Yes, the bacterias have becomes immune to the antibiotic like they have programs in their genome and know how by now to make .. I have forgotten the word, but it breaks down the antibiotic which is of no use anymore.
Your body can get used to antibiotics. That’s why you’re not supposed to take them all the time. Yes, any medication that you take for an extended period of time your body builds up an immunity to it and it stops working. You will have to change medications.
Yes, antibiotics can stop working over time when you take them for long periods of time. You body and the infections can be come resistant. Or if you begin an antibiotic, start to feel better and then stop before they are all gone, this can cause what is know as a “super infection.” Because the original bug that you had was not totally killed off by finishing the whole supply of antibiotics and has become resistant to that particular medication. So if you do require antibiotics, use the whole supply even if you feel better and don’t over use them for every little cough or cold.
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