How can I improve my talking skills?

Q:I’m stamering, I can’t present my words clearly, continuously.
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Be confident. Take a deep breath. Speak slowly.Try practising in front of a mirror.
the ancient art of keeping your self and your soul pure and healthy is by Yoga.. the ancient Indian art of fitness.. it has few Aasanas (exercises) very simple by CD/vcd of swami ramdevji maharaj,it has few tongue- in -cheek and throat exercises and breathing, must be available in UK.. visit: …. and email: [email protected] it might take some time but pl don’t give up .. give few months time before u start feeling the difference in your speech
Join Toast Masters
I vote for speech therapy too. Sounds like a medical issue that may be treatable. John Di Lemme’s website. He had the same problem and overcame it. Thru that site you will be able to contact him and find out how he did it.
speech therapy read books
you can read all the books you can but practice is the key…meet as many people as you can…talk to anyone you come in contact, even if it’s a simple “how are you?” or asking for directions. at first you’ll stumble but as time passes you’ll be comfortable and be less conscious. it won’t solve your stammering for good, but you can improve your speech. good luck. be patient. talk as much as you can.
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