I need help please?

Q:Every time only when the examination comes I get the spirit and fear to learn for my exams but the other days I could not control my mind I always play games and watch TV.What can I do to stop this problem and learn everytime and please tell me about how to manage my time I do not know about time management
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You may have some underlying mental disorders. Consult a psychiatrist.
Try setting boundaries for yourself by setting up a reward program. I’m a student too and on the days that I don’t feel motivated to study I set an alarm for 30 minutes. I study for the 30 minutes then when the alarm goes off I get to do something I want to do, like watch ONE tv program or play a game for 15 minutes, then I reset the alarm and study for another half hour. It seems to work since I get to study in small chunks it doesn’t seem like I have hours and hours of studying to get through.
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