Sick with headach and trowing up?

Q:Sick with headach and trowing up?
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migraine. stay in a dark room, and take 1 1/2 dose of your normal pain meds. It should go away within a few hours. i used to feel like that all the time, drink lots of water, stay out of the sun, and stay away from sweets. it is a migraine, i used to get them all the time. go to sleep and you will feel better in the morning. and if someone is smoking in the same room leave the room. see a doctor they have a cure for it.
evaluate the circumsatances surrounding your headache and vomiting episode..maybe a virus..hangover.head could b anything but to put it simple do whatever works best for you AND?
are you hung over? are you dizzy? Is someone there to help you? How old are you? Call your mom! Hangover
if you are grown and not drunk, possible migraine or tension headache. if you are young or adult, possible virus or stomach flu that is going on around. or if you are a woman, possible pregnant or near your monthly period.otherwise, see the doctor to diagnose your illness correctly and find the cure to relieve your suffering. or better yet, tell your family immediately how you feel so they can give you proper food to eat, pamper or take care of you.. what. migrane , hangover or pregnant. try to listen your body what’s happening to you..
Could be anything.allergic reaction, flu, cold, STD Sounds like a migraine!! Ouch
eat crackers and gatorade.go to bed, and call the dr in the morning if you still feel sick Take some natural ginger ale (schweps and canada dry don’t contain ginger) and try to take a couple ibuprofin. Eat as soon as you are able to and don’t take too much ibuprofin on an empty stomach. And, try to find the case of the headache/stomach problems.
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