has xango juice helped anyone or is it a myth?

Q:i refer to joint pain and minor ailments
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i’ll tell you stright up it is a myth
My dad has arthritis and it helps him a ton. I also know a lady who has fibromyalgia and it is helping her pain out a lot as well. Plus since I have been taking it I don’t have to take my medicine for acid reflux. It took around 3 months of taking it before I started seeing any results. There is hard science at:http://www.mangosteenmd.comand more information on the product athttp://www.prosperyourlife.netThe first is not a sales site, the second is, but both have good information. Had my family on it for 6 months. It was a waste of money. Didn’t see results in warding off colds, allergies, joint pain, nothing. It tasted good tho!
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