home cures for eczema?

Q:home cures for eczema?
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In addition to some of what others have offered, eczema can often be related to a food sensitivity – most commonly wheat, soy, or nuts I believe. Eliminating these short term can be useful to see if skin clears up. Both burdock root (eaten, in tea, tincture, or capsule) and high quality essential fatty acid oil such as cod liver or flax have great use in natural treatment of eczema.Good luck!
Homeopathic Remedies for EczemaEczema is an irritating skin condition, characterized by itching and flaking inside the bends of joints and along the edge of any hairline. Whereas psoriasis tends to be a problem of dryness, eczema tends to be associated with wetness, with affected areas that are moist, oozing, and itching. The following homeopathic remedies may bring a measure of relief, but individuals should not hesitate to consult a homeopath if the condition persists. Individuals should also consider that dietary factors play a significant role (at least with children) in the cause and treatment of this condition.Graphites 6c: People needing this remedy will often have tough, sometimes leathery skin, along with a history of skin disorders. Their hands are often the most affected areas, and where the skin is split, a honeylike discharge is common. Children are often affected by eczema behind the ears, and again, a honeylike, thick ooze can be present. Graphites 6c can be taken three times daily for three days, then just once daily for the next ten days.Hepar sulph 6c: This remedy may prove useful in very irritable and chilly people whose eczema is painfully sore to any touch and whose skin is deeply cracked, especially on the hands and feet. Their skin is generally unhealthy, and even the slightest wound becomes septic easily. Those who may benefit from this remedy tend to be very sensitive people, both emotionally and physically. Hepar sulph 6c can be taken once daily for three days, then once a week for three weeks.Sulphur 6c: People needing this remedy will have hot, burning eczema with intense itching. The affected areas will have scaling or crusted skin and will tend to be dry rather than wet. The condition is aggravated greatly by heat and contact with water. Sulphur 6c can be taken three times daily for two to three days, then once daily until improvement is seen.Petroleum 6c: This remedy is good for seasonal eczema, which affects individuals only during the cold winter months. Skin will tend to be tough and leathery, with cracks in the fingertips. Symptoms are always worse at night. Petroleum 6c can be taken three times daily for two to three days, then once daily until improvement is noted.
Check out cures for yeast (candida). I believe it can be one cause for eczema, and other skin flakiness and itchiness.There is some basic information about yeast on the welcome page at www.hufa.org. Try to get rid of as much stress as you can. People have varrying reasons for getting eczema, but I find stress is the most common reason for mine. Especially if I am holding a lot of anger for someone in my life. It is best to let some things go. Try not to think about it or scratch. Other than that. Quartizone cream is bad for you, but it can relieve the symptoms.
Original Noxema on the affected area 3 times a day works for my brother.
One family’s little girl had horrible eczema and tried all the medicines for a year. They found chlorine had a pretty large role in it and some other things. Look at her pictures http://www.yourwellnesshome.net/images/Ezema_Generic.pdf
Old nursing cure. Cream C. Short for crisco. Seriously. I’ve never tried it, just heard about itAdd in a B-Complex vitamin and vit. E. Both very good for skin. Drink lots of water. Follow stress managing techniques. yoga, meditation, deep breathing, etc. Stress makes eczema worse. I would be inclined to keep olive oil on the areas.Olive oil is very high in vit E, helps with dry skin, acne, and oily skin by normalizing sebum production. Shoot, it’s even the best facial moisturizer going. Wash face, put one single drop of olive oil in your palms, rub together, pat gently on your face, then sluice with cool water and dry off. Your face will not feel oily, just glowing with health.
it seems a bit awkward but when a person wakes up in the morning and applies th spit in its mouth on the effected area, eczema can be cured..Its true
I get eczema in my fingers very often.I avoid soap.I use Betnovate C Cream.Avoid eating Beef,Tomatoes &Brinjal.
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