How can i fool my docter to prescribe me Xanax??.

Q:How can i fool my docter to prescribe me Xanax??.
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you can tell him all kinds of things, your stressed, cant sleep, had a death in the family etc. but between the doc, the nurse, the pharmacist and your insurance company keeping tight tabs on use is common practice. them one day when your in an accident and they take you to the er you can fool the people there too into treating you in good faith. heck maybe they’ll fool you and give you m&m’s instead of antibiotics just for laughs, wont that be cool?! Source(s):nurse educator
Why would you want too? Xanax is a prescription for a reason. So that only people who really need it can get it. I would be one of those you would be trying to fool and just to let you you know if I catch you, you can go to jail.. We do it for your own good. Please be safe.
act depressed and agitated
Tell him that you are very depressed and you have a lot of anxiety or panic attacks
if you are asking this question, you dont need to fool him, just be a fool and ask him for it
now why would you want to do that you know that is illegal right? and you can go to jail for that too?
Tell him you’re a drug rep from Pfizer and you have courtside season tickets to his favorite NBA team, then back your van up to his office back door, he’ll prescribe you as much as you want! You cant.
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