sski which is potassium iodide?

Q:has anyone try this with dmso to cure anything?? arnica oil mixed with or castor oil, get deep into the body to eat scar tissue ect..
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Potasium iodide blocks toxins from entering your thyroid. That is good if you are chelating heavy metals with DMSO. Potasium Iodide makes since somehow as it could very well be possible that you may have some type of heavy metal toxicity and it is possible that you are iodine deficient with what you are dealing with. I would take Vitamin C while chelating as well.You might try seaweed in the form of Agar-Aga far as chelation goes, I would go with the potasium iodide while chelating with cilantro pesto. You have the DMSO so go with it too.For Owen’s Cilantro Pesto Recipe:1) Put 1 cup of packed, fresh cilantro, and 6 tablespoons of oliveoil in your blender. Blend until the cilantro is chopped up.2) Add 1 clove of garlic.3) Add one-half cup of almonds, cashews, or other nuts. I use mostly almonds, with a few cashews and macadamias.4) Add 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice (about 1 lemon, squeezed by hand).5) Blend to a lumpy paste.And now, taste it! Yes, it looks like something that came from the hardware store, but I find it truly delicious. You may find the hard part is not eating it all on Day #1. Scrape it out of your blender and put the pesto in a container in your fridge. The only difficult part of the whole operation is cleaning the blender! I add 8 oz of water, blend it, and make a green, pesto drink. Waste not, want not.”arnica oil mixed with or castor oil” you mentioned looks interesting. Go with it if your gut tells you to do so.Enzymes are the secret for ridding the body of deep down scar tissue. “Enzymes eat scar tissue.” Cooking foods kills enzymes in our body. A diet of mostly raw vegetables and fruit could give you many of the enzymes your body needs to heal naturally.Fibrinolytic enzymes are systemic enzymes that eat away the excess fibrin that forms scar tissue, adhesions, and growths. The strongest fibrinolytic enzyme known is serrapeptase, which is what silkworms secrete to dissolve the silk that they produce. This is significant, since even a bullet cannot penetrate silk. For 30 years Dr. Hans Neiper used serrapeptase on cardiac patients to open up the blood vessels. Known as “poor man’s chelation”, Dr. Neiper claimed that in two years this therapy could completely open the vascular system. Now serrapeptase is formulated from a plant source and has been remarkably successful when used in combination with other enzymes in treating fibromyalgia and dissolving arterial plaque, postoperative scars and keloids. Even old scars and adhesions respond to enzyme therapy.It is important to get adequate magnesium (1,000 mg to 2,000 mg) and zinc (30 mg) supplementation when taking systemic enzymes since these minerals are needed to activate the enzymes. This is particularly true if there is muscle pain.The benefits of enzyme therapy are numerous and profound, and would be an excellent complement to any health program. Combined with a natural diet rich in live foods, exercise and a positive attitude, vibrant health and longevity can be a reality. best price I found kola (Centella asiatica)-Supports healing and normal development of connective tissue. It is a substance that is supposed to stop radioactive particles from binding to the thyroid gland and causing cancer.
KIYou take it during a nuclear disaster to save your thiroid. I have some in the closet because I live near a nuclear reactor.
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