the waist break?

Q:will the waist break ?? last night I stay in my friend’s house, unfortunetly while dancing I slip & make my friend fall.When she falled, her waist hit the big chair next to’s about 2-3 inch bellow the waist that hit the’s so damned hurt.I’ve said sorry to her, & ask her to go to doctor but she doesn’t want.anyway she still can walk, although it still feel hurt.But please if you got any suggestion what to do to help her it if she doesn’t want to go to a doctor? or how to know if it’s break or not? please help me.
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Don’t worry, it can’t be broken, she will not be able to walk, sounds like she may have bruised her pelvic/hip area if she hit front/sideways, if she hit backwards, then it sounds like she may have bruised her lower back. Try to use wet heat and definately go see a chiropractor if she has problems walking. Better to be safe than sorry.
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