whats the best cure for asthma?

Q:whats the best cure for asthma?
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Asthma, is like an allergy. Its like a mosquito bite, your skin will react, and it itch. So you can’t really ‘cure’ it per say.The on set of asthma varies from person to person, however a generic list to observe can be found on the net, dust, animal fur and etc, do trigger the on set of asthma.Your immune system, reaction to these allergent is the cause of asthma, so, bolstering them will help you, Being healthy and be obervant to what you eat will help you in combating this health issue. Get you immune system up, and you will have less asthma attack. Have a good lifestyle, which include, balance diet, and exercise. and you will have less attack.That’s my experience.
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