bodybuilding pills and height suppliment?

Q:i am 5’7”and im taking height suppliment and it works. i wanted to know if i take body building suppliments at the same period that im taking height supplimes: do both of them work in diffrent ways (height suppliment: streching the muscles ) (and bodybuilding suppliments contrasting the muscles is it somthng like that or what ))))) AND I WANT PEOPLE WHO HAVE GOOD KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THIS TO ANSWER ONLY
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if the height supplement worked, you weren’t done growing yet. people can put on height into their 20s. on the other hand, there is pseudo-growth. e.g. when I took up yoga, I ‘grew’ an inch just because I had realigned my body & stood taller. please don’t be suckered by these supplelments, they are just taking your money, really.
well guess that disqualifies me hehehe i would think that ti would counter act them selves and not work at all but you could recherche it that’s all i can tell you
See first of all bodybuilding pills are very harmful,they do harm immediately ofcourse, they will harm later or in future….
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