anyone ever had tiny ulsers on the tongue ?

Q:my son has it and its very painful.can you suggest a remedy .also i give him painkillers but that seems to wear off quickly.he is 3 years old.thanks
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At one stage when I had glandular fever I had six ulcers on my mouth.I spoke to a naturopath on the phone who suggested a tablespoon of Manuka honey with hot water and lemon juice.I drank a mugful of this and by morning I had two tiny ulcers which cleared up in no time.Manuka honey is like a natural antibiotic. Oh that is not good. An ulcer in the mouth can be an indication of a serious infection elsewhere. The tongue should rapidly heal itself – it is replenished quite quickly compared to the rest of the body. This is definitely something to take to the pediatrician immediately.Any topical medication you give your son will not last long simply because the mouth is designed to begin the digestion of everything placed in it.
This sounds like it may be a malady that “old timers” called Thrush. I have known some people to try giving the child yogurt with live culture in it. ( this will be written on the label, and can be found in any grocery store). Make sure that it is cold, and it may help to soothe his symptoms as well. If not, PLEASE be sure to have your pediatrician check him. Ok, two things.avoid any acidic foods like orange juice, vinegar, tomato based stuff. Give him a bland diet until it heals.Zinc lozenges will help.good luck.
Children’s pain relievers will not work for sores on the tongue.Give your son a mixture of 50/50 distilled water and hydrogen peroxide.DON’T LET HIM SWALLOW IT.. Let him swish it around and spit it out. Since he’s 3, and if you want to feel safer you could take the 50/50 mixture and dip a q-tip in it and dab each sore. This works wonders. There is also over the counter medication for this. The best medications for healing mouth sores have hydrogen peroxide in them.Important! You may want to lower the amount of acidic foods your son eats. Excessive consumption of orange juice or citrus fruits with ADDED SUGAR can cause these sores. And most importantly make sure you get him in the habit of brushing his teeth after every meal or snack or juice. It lowers the levels of acid in his mouth. Have you taken him to the dentist? He may have a cavity or two. Cavities are caused from acid. Also, Don’t let him use a baby bottle or a pacifier. He’s 3!
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