Crack Cocaine?

Q:I made a huge mistake in my life and smoked crack cocaine on Sunday night.I smoked 4 rocks and was finished at 9PM. How long will it take to be out of my system? I am going to be getting a urine test that gives instant result. Is there anything i can do to have it out of my system more quickly…other than drink a lot of water. I appreciate the help….and to anyone considering ever trying it…its not worth it.
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well guess what u shouldnt have ddone it be smarter now okw♥w!
Woah…. stay away from that stuff.look here.
first, the majority of drugs are not worth it, second buy a system flush for yourself. costs about $6.00 and you drink it along with 1 gallon of water. it works!
Hopefully you won’t do this again, but from what I have read it usually stays in your system for about 72 hours. Maybe you could postpone the drug test, good luck.
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