How to quit??

Q:Any EXCELLENT suggestions on how to quit smoking when it appears all the conventional ways are not workable? No sarcastic answers, sil vous plait.
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You gotta have some self-control. I asked the good Lord to help me and I’ve been smoke-free for 2 years. If you believe in a higher power, then I would pray about it. That worked for me. When I quit smoking, I stopped getting sore throats and colds all the time and now I have tons more energy. Laser Therapy. Worked for me, had this done 3 months ago. Start exercising. If you really stick with it, you want even want to smoke. Avoid other people that smoke, or atleast avoid them when they are smoking.Avoid situations where you would normally smoke, like bars, parties, etc.Tell all of your non-smoking friends that you are serious about quitting. Chances are, they will give you a ration of **** if they see you even thinking about lighting up.
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