3 reason to abolish marijuana?

Q:3 reason to abolish marijuana?
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1. Against 2. The 3. Law
Three reasons to Legalize Marijuana:Tax MoneyAllow cops to go after real criminalsreduce the blackmarket coming from Mexico
1 it makes you smell bad2 it makes you fat3 its bad for you
sorry but i do not see any reasons to abolish it, i would rather have someone that has smoked weed behind a wheel that someone who has been drinking. controlling the eating thing would be easy, just do not do it. besides there are medicinal purposes that can help people.
What do you mean “abolish marijuana”? You mean “legalize marijuana” don’t you? ROFLHere’s my three reasons for legalizing it:1) It is unenforceable, and it is ridiculous to ruin someone’s life over possession of a minimal amount and make them felons because of it. 2) It is a pain reliever for cancer and other diseases. Cigarettes and alcohol are actually worse than marijuana is.3) It could be a source of taxation that could contribute to the health care industry.
illegal, illegal, illegal
legitimate reasons:1. Makes you stupider and god knows the president would get it if legal2. makes you hungry, which leads to weight gain (im fat but just a reason)3. driving while under the influence of pot is dangerous.do i care? no.
Good idea, here is the plan of attack…1. Gather it all up… 2. Drop it off at my house…3. I will abolish it all as fast as I can…I may need some help abolishing, if your coming over to help bring a bong… that would be stupid!! Pull your head out!
1. Because it’s sort of hard to spell.2. Because it’s sort of hard to grow.3. Because it’s ………sorry, I can’t think of a 3rd reason.
How can you abolish a God created medicinal plant
3 reasons to legalizeMarijuana is increasingly popular. Our jail systems our being cloged with Marijuana smokers. If Marijuana was legalized the jail system would be cleared out alot.If it was legalized it could be taxed and the money could be put to good use.It can be used for medical reasons. Some studies show that Marijuana can help cancer. Also it easies pain.
-its stupid to use-you’ll hurt yourself and others in the end-and its not worth it
I would tell you but the marijuana weeds out all the unimportant things. how bout we get rid of alcohol!
I hope you die before your time.
Prevent people from having fun in a non-violent way.Keep one of the most effective pain medications from those that need it.To keep the Tree growers happy.
You all want to abolish what nature supplied as a good clean product. Unlike Governments of today who put chemicals in our tap water and lie about it. Allow apparently GRAS (generally regarded as safe) poducts on the shelves [and I would like to know who it is safe for, the elderly, the healthy or the sick and dying] products that have such things in them as HVP (hydrolysed vegetable protein) Did you know that this stuff is a black goop before they pulverise it with yet more chemicals and then dye it, artificially flavour it etc…. and you want to abolish something mother nature supplied, a gift to everyone? I can not think of one reason you would want to do this. I belive it is wrong to mess around with nature. Leave it alone.
the munchies
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